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Made in Europe

All our manufacturing is done within the framework of the European Community, with our factory in Spain. With the guarantee that is manufactured in Europe due to the controls at the level of safety and quality.

Guild of Carpenters of Catalonia

The Guild of Carpenters, Joiners and Similars of Barcelona goes back historically to the year 1257, the date on which is documented the presence of four members in the Council of the City. Among our goals, we emphasize the representation, management and protection of economic, social, business and professional of our associates and focus on modernize the sector.

Sabadell Chamber of Commerce

The main purpose of CSS is to serve the business network of Sabadell and its environs in general. For this reason, all our actions are aimed strategically in that direction.
Offer our local businesses a wide range of services aimed at improving their competitiveness and strengthening their position in the market.
In addition, we endeavour to support the internationalisation of our companies every year, by deploying a plan for promoting them internationally to facilitate business contacts with markets around the world and encourage exports of products and services.


AECOC, born to promote the introduction into Spain of the bar code has evolved to provide the industry and distribution a collaborative framework essential to reach consumers as efficiently as possible.

Ecoembes Green Point

Since the entry of the Law 11/97 on packaging and packaging waste, all packaging companies have an obligation to recover packaging waste from products put on the market, to be recycled and recovered. And to fulfill this responsibility, are eligible for Integrated Packaging Waste Management (GIS), managed by Ecoembes.


PEFC is a non-profit, open to the participation of sector or state associations, forestry, industrial producers, traders, consumers or NGOs interested in sustainable forest management. PEFC certification seal provides assurance that this vast forest area is being managed sustainably, from an environmental, social and economic perspective.

Health and Safety

We work with the company MC Prevention as our philosophy as theirs, is based on getting risk prevention in the workplace is integrated in the attitude of the worker as part of their daily routine easier by the company all the necessary tools for this.

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